Emissions & Fluids

Emissions and Fluids in Shelton, CT

If your car has failed an emissions test or is about to, Shelton Car Care can provide the necessary inspections, diagnostics and repairs to insure that your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency.
We are committed to having a clean air environment, and we will do everything in our power to make sure your car contributes to a healthy habitat. Ensuring that your vehicle meets those standards is our primary goal.

At our repair shop, we are fully-equipped with the necessary equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle backed by a 12-month or 12,000-mile guarantee.
It’s vital to have your vehicle’s transmission and differential fluids changed to assure proper operation. Neglecting to change these fluids can result in costly repairs or lead you to have to replace some of your vehicle’s most expensive components.

Changes in your vehicle’s oil, transmission and differential fluid are completed based on manufacturer’s recommendations, or as needed according to our inspection and based on industry standards. Shelton Car Care generally recommends these services every 30,000 miles.

Fuel Injection

In today’s ever advancing world, most cars use fuel injection to deliver fuel into the engine. If you’re not sure when you should consider having a fuel injection performed on your vehicle, we’ll tell you. If your car is giving you trouble starting, achieving poor gas mileage or is running slow and hesitant, our technicians can determine if a fuel injection will improve its performance.
We can also clean your vehicle’s fuel injector, as it’s now a necessary maintenance service required for cars and trucks. 

A fuel injection can help your car achieve outstanding gas mileage, reduce toxic emissions, can possibly help your engine last longer, and can enhance the performance of your vehicle overall. 
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